Who Doesn’t Love A Discount?

Is your wish list growing? 1 1/2 years ago my wishlist was quite long and added up to a lot of money. I signed up as a demonstrator just for the discount!

What if I said you could be a discount shopper with Stampin’ Up! Did I peak your interest? Check this out!

Now through August 31st you can take advantage of an amazing deal, by signing up as a demonstrator (discount shopper) choose $155 in product for $99 with FREE SHIPPING and an additional $10 coupon to use later.

You will immediately be able to purchase at 20% off and ZERO selling requirements, ever.

I would love to have you join my team with zero pressure, just enjoy the discount.

Contact me for additional details or go to my website, choose the “join the fun” link. There are additional details there as well as step by step directions. Who doesn’t want to choose $155 of any product and pay just $99 plus tax and no shipping??

Happy Crafting,



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