Letters in the mail

Do you remember the days of receiving letters in the mail? As a child I had a pen pal and what fun it was when a letter from her came in the mail!

Fast forward to modern day, do you get letters or cards in the mail? Do you feel nostalgic when you find a letter, card or even a simple piece of tape on the back of a photo frame that has your grandmother’s handwriting on it? I do, and this is in part why I create and teach card making. My goal is to start sending out cards I make to those who are important to me, my family, friends, people who attend my classes, people who place orders with me and the list goes on.

We as a society are losing the art of letter writing, the art of handwriting in this digital age, but think about how special that note, card, letter or piece of tape in your beloved family members handwriting is now that they have passed away.

So join me in helping to preserve this rapidly disappearing art, create a card and send it to someone special.

Hugs my crafty friends,


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